Aberla becomes ISO45001 certified

ISO45001 Big

The Aberla Group has been awarded their ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Management System certification, the international standard for occupational health and safety (OHS).

Introduced in March 2018, ISO 45001 provides a framework to proactively improve employee safety, promote physical and mental health, reduce workplace risks and create safer working conditions.

This particular certification is designed to integrate with other ISO management systems standards, such as the ISO 9001, which Aberla was awarded in July 2020.

In order to be accredited, a business must demonstrate they have a robust OHS system in place by passing all elements of the ISO 45001 audit checklist, such as:

  • Does the OHS system address the strategic vision, objectives and services of the business?
  • What role does top management play in leading the OHS system?
  • Is there a framework in place to identify risks and opportunities which could affect your OHS system?
  • Is there an understanding of the resources you need to make implementation and maintenance of the system a success?
  • Is there a clearly defined process in place with external providers?
  • Is there a structure in place for management reviews?
  • Have you identified any areas for improvement which focus on meeting your OHS goals?

Mark Ingham, managing director at Aberla commented, “Health and safety is a core element of our processes and procedures, it’s a necessity in the industries we operate. To be awarded the international standard for occupational health and safety showcases our commitment to implement industry leading practices across the business.”

As a result of attaining the accreditation, Aberla has successfully demonstrated health and safety is a key focus for all staff by evidencing that a strong and effective OHS system is in place.

Clients can be assured that Aberla is actively facilitating continuous and consistent improvement of their employees’ morale, safety and performance, ensuring the quality of Aberla’s services remains high.