Aberla Group successfully secures ISO 14001



The Aberla Group is proud to have secured the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification, which allows Aberla to show that its environmental processes and procedures are industry leading.

This ISO accreditation is acknowledged internationally and allows organisations to demonstrate their standard of environmental quality while also helping to proactively improve their environmental practices.

For a business to be successfully accredited, they must first demonstrate how they integrate environmental changes into their business model. In addition, this also involves passing an audit checklist that includes:

  • Defining an EMS scope, including the environmental policy and environmental aspects
  • Establishing EMS procedures and processes to ensure consistency that will help prevent negative environmental impacts and improve response to emergency situations
  • Performing internal audits to make sure processes are functioning well
  • Performing employee training and awareness to explain the purpose of EMS and how it will be incorporated
  • Documenting implemented EMS procedures and processes to prevent environmental damage
  • Conducting management review for continued maintenance of the EMS

Daniel Strosnider, Strategy and Sustainability Director at Aberla commented, “The environmental impact that we have as a business is something that Aberla has always tried to mitigate. Receiving the ISO 14001 accreditation showcases our dedication and recognises our ability to operate as an industry leading contractor.”

Aberla now holds all three international ISO accreditations, which include ISO 9001 for quality, ISO 45001 for health and safety and now ISO 14001 for environmental management.