How Can EV Charging Benefit You?


The demand for electric vehicles (EV’s) is on the rise. According to Next Green Car as of May 2021 there was almost 260,000 pure electric vehicles on UK roads as seen in the graph below, this will continue to increase due to the recent government announcement of no new petrol or diesel cars to be sold in the UK after 2030.



However, due to this sudden shift from gas to electric it is important to consider the difference in the refuelling process. It has become second nature for most people to fill up a tank of gas before any lengthy journey, although a slightly more pre-planned approach is needed when EV’s are in question.

While some people may view charging a car as ‘taking too long’, on average, a car will spend about 80% of the time parked at home according to Audi and it is during this time that the car could be charging.


What is required to charge an EV?


For this you will need a charging point. This can be installed at a practical location that is convenient to you or your home. Some charging point recommendations include:

  • Carpark

  • Garage

  • Places of work

EV charging points can also be installed in multiple different ways, whether this be a mounted wall charger or a free-standing charging point, there are a lot of options to accommodate each person’s individual needs.


Here are some of the key benefits of EV charging:



Probably the most important factor of EV’s is the use of renewable energy as it helps with emission reduction and has a positive impact on the environment.



As mentioned previously, the government has announced a push towards electrical vehicles going forward. With so many EV’s on the road, more and more businesses are realising that EV charging points at the workplace is becoming crucial.


Performance and Maintenance

As the EV market expands, manufacturers are working to make their EV’s better than ever. In recent years EV’s have become lighter, quieter and a lot of work around faster acceleration is being carried out.


All cars are going to need a little bit of care here and there, but in terms of maintenance the biggest cost for an average car is engine upkeep, which isn’t a concern for electric vehicles due to fewer liquids such as engine oil.


EV charging solutions


Aberla Energy is proud to be able to deliver EV chargers across the Northwest to households and businesses alike. We have a team who are highly experienced in the energy sector and want to help deliver renewable technologies.

We also cover an array of other renewable technologies that include, solar PV, battery storage, smart grids, and air source heat pumps.





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