Aberla Grid Balancing

Aberla began the infrastructure consultancy project in February 2018 in partnership with a private landowner and the National Grid, with the aim of finding a technical solution to preventing future grid saturation in the North of England.

The project constitutes one of many consultancy roles Aberla Utilities is currently undertaking, and utilises their experience in providing assistance in improving the UK’s power network.

Aberla performed ground and environmental services, as well as looking at gas and electricity grid connections to assess the viability of installing a gas peaking plant on the site.

After analysing data gathered through surveys and site assessments, a detailed feasibility was developed, enabling round table discussions between the landowner, community, Local Authority and the Grid.

Mark Ingham, Operations Director said, “this project further develops our consultancy portfolio and demonstrates how we work collaboratively with our partners and clients, utilising specialist services to provide a bespoke solution”.

Grid balancing is an important feature of a modern power system and Aberla Utilities is proud to be assisting our clients in pursuing exciting projects that contribute to the modernisation of the grid.