The latest edition to Aberla’s blog spotlights our graduate marketing assistant, Dom Hughes, as he accompanied Aberla Utilities’ team of fibre surveyors for the day.

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Dom, who graduated from Northumbria University in Summer 2019, has been part of the team for 8 months now, learning and understanding everything we do at Aberla. This trip presented the opportunity for Dom to broaden his knowledge on Aberla’s operations within the telecommunications sector.


Dom – ‘I was really excited when I got the call saying I could spend the day with the (fibre) surveyors. I’d had brief chats in the past with the project manager on the progress the team has made over the last 12 weeks, more and more surveyors kept joining the team, so works were obviously moving at a rapid rate. This was a brilliant opportunity to get a better understanding of the work our guys are doing in the fibre industry.’


Dom joined project manager Rebecca at one of her regular meetings with the surveyors, where he was briefed on the critical works the surveyors have been carrying out in the telecommunications sector of the past couple of months.


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Rebecca – ‘It was good having Dom come and have a look at what the guys have been up to. I’m really proud of the work we’ve achieved within this particular project. We’re flying through at the minute, looking forward to getting the final premises all done and dusted before progressing into the next area. We’ve got a great group of guys that really looked after Dom, they made sure he knew everything as to what was going on without confusing him.’

After the surveyors had caught up with Rebecca, Dom spent the afternoon with surveyor Tony Minard as he made his way through his assigned premises.

Dom – ‘Before we’d even got off the car park Tony had walked me through all the health & safety requirements just so I knew the important do’s and don’ts straight away. Once we got onto the streets it was fascinating seeing the boxes open, looking at the intricacies within the cabinets. The real-time tracking with the QGIS app. I really learnt a lot throughout the day with the surveyors, and enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to the next one.’

Dr Daniel Strosnider (Dom’s department director)‘It was a fantastic opportunity for Dom to experience the work we’ve been doing in the telecommunications sector. It’s a very exciting industry to be involved in, and there’s a lot of work to be done across the nation if we want to hit the Government’s target of full fibre by 2025. We have every intention of being part of that journey on a much larger scale. It’s good that Dom has that base level of knowledge so he can build confidence in his work going forwards.’

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