Gemü Group boosts EV uptake

Gemü Group boosts EV uptake

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Aberla Energy, part of the Aberla Group, has installed electric vehicle (EV) charging points for multi-national valve manufacturer, Gemü Group. Aberla Energy specialises in providing integrated energy solutions, allowing clients to reduce energy consumption, maximise efficiency and mitigate market volatility.

Gemü has added to their existing portfolio of EV charging points, doubling their existing capacity. The new charge points will facilitate the Company’s ambition to switch fleet and company cars to low and zero emissions forms of transportation. This installation forms part of an ambitious group-wide energy efficiency policy held by the Company, which seeks to reduce emissions and environmental impact.

Workplace charging is an essential step in facilitating the transition to zero-emission transport, helping to assuage range fears by providing day-time top-ups. It also allows companies to upgrade fleet stock with the assurance of cheap and reliable charging facilities and is an import part of the burgeoning low-carbon economy.

Steve Orton, managing director at Gemü Valves, said “Gemü have a group-wide policy of energy efficiency, reduction of emissions and low environmental impact strategy which is called “Gemü Green Engineering”.

Using electric or hybrid vehicles is part of that strategy and the increased installation of charging points at our offices is supporting the change of all company cars to hybrid and full electric vehicles in the future.”

Dr. Daniel Strosnider, strategy and sustainability director at Aberla Group said “Local partnerships are important to building strong regional growth, something that Aberla, as a Northern Powerhouse backed company, is very keen on doing. It was a pleasure to be able to help another local company, Gemü, to achieve their sustainability goals, and further facilitate low carbon transport options.”

Aberla is always seeking to build innovative and prosperous long-term partnerships with like-minded local companies. We are working with various clients across a wide range of sectors to promote energy efficiency and facilitate the low-carbon economy, with we turn cost and consumption reduction goals into reality.