Aberla Energy, part of the Aberla Group, will begin work in January on the project for High Peak Council, which will involve installing energy efficiency and management measures for Council owned The Bureau (formally Glossop Volunteer Society), with a completion scheduled for April 2018.

Bank House is a Grade II listed commercial building.  The project will consist of multiple measures, including window upgrades, LEDs, insulation, reroofing, heating upgrades and a BMS system.  The measures will enable the Council to reduce their energy expenditure and improve the environmental health of its employees.

The Bureau is a nationally accredited volunteer centre and network that works with local people and volunteers to support the local community through community campaigns, wellbeing projects and infrastructure support initiatives.

Dr Daniel Strosnider, Strategy & Sustainability Director said: “This project gives us the opportunity to work in partnership with a local organisation that is doing great work in the community.  By reducing their energy expenditure and promoting behavioural change, the Bureau is able to focus their budget on delivering vital community services”.

The project enables Aberla to work with High Peak Council and show them how simple changes to a building and behaviour can impact energy consumption and expenditure.