For the latest edition of Aberla’s blog, we caught up with our team of fibre network surveyors for a glimpse into their daily lives, working on critical digital infrastructure for Aberla Utilities.

One surveyor, who’s been active in the telecoms industry for 12 years, said, “We normally like to start bright and early by meeting at the office for around 7.30. We’ll review the previous day’s data, looking into the feedback given from the design team, before planning the rest of our day. We all have equipment checklists and risk assessments which need to be completed in a morning to make sure we are ready for site.

“We then progress through the addresses we’ve been allocated, using our GIS surveying software to collect all the necessary data, highlighting any obstacles and obstructions, which can be fed back to the office in real time.

“If we are ever stuck with anything, the team has a fantastic lead surveyor who walk us through any issues we have. Rather than just address it himself, we’ll talk it through, discussing what the issues are, and how to deal with them in the future. 

“Since I joined, treatment from all levels of management has been superb. Everyone works together, there has always been an open line to the main office if we needed support, but I can’t think of any examples where we’ve felt micro-managed.”


Aberla Utilities’ lead surveyor commented, “I’ve never surveyed with this software before, it’s been an interesting learning curve, but it is definitely the best I’ve used. 

“Each day is different, it provides fresh challenges, which is what I love about the job. It’s a fantastic company to work for, the management team are a lot more approachable and helpful than in previous companies.

“I’d describe Aberla as an organisation with an eye on delivering technologies which shape the world we live in. I look forward to being part of Aberla Utilities’ growth.”


Aberla Utilities’ team of surveyors has been assembled over years of activity in the utilities and telecommunications sectors, ranging from detailed utility surveys, building services surveys and FTTP surveying.

The squad consists of many fully qualified PIA surveyors and installers, with decades of experience in telecommunications engineering. Their capabilities enable Aberla to provide a bespoke, whole network solution for clients, from design feasibility to infrastructure installation.

The team’s expertise allows Aberla Utilities to provide efficient and innovative solutions on a national scale, positioning Aberla as a vital supply-chain partner in the delivery of digital infrastructure, as the industry ramps up to achieve the Government’s target of ‘full fibre for all by 2025.’

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