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Aberla Powys Council Heat Pump Project

Powys and Aberla ASHP project

Air Source Heat Pumps


What is an ASHP?

An Ecodan air source heat pump sits outside your home and extracts warmth from the outdoor air. Heat energy is transferred to inside the home and provides hot water and heating to radiators and/or underfloor heating.

Benefits include:

  • Modern control
  • More efficient heating than combi-boilers
  • A++ performance
  • Whisper quiet
  • New technology peace of mind
  • Reduction in CO2

Are heat pumps noisy?

Ecodan is endorsed with the Noise Abatement Society’s Quiet Mark.  The Ecodan is the quietest heat pump and provides heating with minimal disruption to the householder.

How long does it take to fit?

An installation can take up to 3 days depending on the works required, and will include installing the radiators, cylinder and the heat pump itself.

What do I do if it stops working?

If Monitoring and Metering Service Package (MMSP) is fitted:

  1. The tenant would call us initially (within a certain timeframe) who will establish what the issue is & try to talk through a solution over the phone if possible.
  2. We would then call Mitsubishi who would access the heat pump remotely and check the settings and performance, if they can identify an issue and fix it they will.
  3. If not an installer would attend the property to assess the performance of the heat pump, identify the issues and apply the solution.


If an MMSP is not fitted steps 1 & 3 would apply.

Are there any fuel deliveries?

No, fuel deliveries will not be required.

Is maintenance required?

There is minimal maintenance required, but an annual service check is required to ensure the system is running at optimal performance.  There are 11 tasks to be completed on an annual service, including:


  1. Inspect and clean evaporator fins – repair damage fins if required
  2. Check visually for signs of oil leaks which may indicate a refrigerant leak
  3. Check integrity of water pipe work and lagging – repair lagging if required
  4. Check system operation
  5. Check the antifreeze and if necessary top up the concentration as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  6. Check and clean the fernox TFI magnetic particle filter
  7. Check system pressure
  8. Release any air from the primary/heating systems
  9. Check for the correct operation and temperature setting of the thermostats
  10. Check the operation of the zone valves
  11. Check the operation and the timing of the immersion heater

Type of Air Source Heat Pump

Mitsubitshi EcoDan – built in the UK – monoblock, high efficiency, low noise operation, built in energy monitoring.

Is it good for the environment?

Yes, ASHPs are a renewable energy generation technology, which can reduce a home’s energy consumption. Air source heat pumps carry an A++ efficiency rating, and can be up to 300% more efficient than a traditional gas boiler system. Heat pumps can save up to 5,000kg of CO2when replacing old electric storage heaters and oil boiler systems.

ASHPs carry a low running cost and provide reliable sustainable heating all year round.

Carbon Monoxide risk?

No, no gas supply, flues or ventilation required, therefore poses no Carbon Monoxide risk to end-users.

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