Renewable Technologies at aberla - air source heat pumps

Aberla is pleased to announce finalisation of our fully funded Domestic Air Source Heat Pump Programme.  Air Source Heat Pumps are a renewable technology that allows heat to be produced and circulated around a building quickly and efficiently, without the use of gas, oil or solid fuel.

Working on a shared ownership basis, we are conducting technical surveys and installing ASHPs to properties across the country.  The programme enables people to get new fully funded heating systems with 7 years of free maintenance, and an annual service.  As there is no upfront cost to the owner/tenant, they are able to spend capital on other requirements.

Managing Director Paul McCarren says, ‘’we are proud to be a pioneer in this innovative scheme, which will help to reduce fuel poverty and promote renewable technologies”.

The scheme aims to deliver ASHP technology to over 1000 properties over the next year.